Our vineyards and our wines make up our secular heritage. We owe ourselves to their history, which is why we continue cultivating the trossos of land in the most traditional manner, with respect for the environment. We work in the way our ancestors always did, they who also handed down to us their passion for this exceptional land and the esteem for wines which are both unique and outstanding.

Therefore, though keeping the past in our memory, we look ahead to the future by including the technologies and innovations which make it possible to enhance the natural values possessed by our heritage. Within this context, we will be recovering the estate’s old store rooms for ageing in bottles. We reaffirm our commitment to production using only the vines harvested on the 7 ha which make up our property’s vineyards. With an average output of 2,500 kg/ha, this allows us to attain a maximum annual production of 15,000 bottles.

The Bartolomé i Vernet family has made the commitment to produce wines of the highest quality, with respect for the land, the landscape and family tradition.

In other words, producing wines while remaining loyal to ourselves.