This red is the latest fruit borne by the vines of the Celler Bartolomé. It boasts a mixture of the grenache and Carignan grape varieties from the year 2018 harvest, collected from ancient vines aging from 40 to 80 years. Both youthful and old at the same time: a fascinating contrast.
All of the personality and character instilled by the native soil in the trossos of Els Molins" with the boldness, potential and freshness held by the red fruits, with certain purplish overtones. Beyond just an exceptional wine from a harvest defined as very good, the Clos Bartolomé 2018 red wine is a real find. Yesterday and today, all in one glass.

For this wine's production, the Grenache and Carignan varieties were used, collected from vines between 40 and 80 years old. The grapes on the vine are collected by hand and transported in boxes so that they make it to their destination intact, healthy and in optimal conditions for wine production. Vinification was performed at a controlled temperature of 26-28ºC, and the must remained in fermentation vats for fourteen days, the time necessary to create a wine with the proper colour level and polyphenol substances.

Grenache 50%
Carignan 50%

This Clos Bartolomé was matured in Allier French oak barrels, medium toast (Boutes -Grand Reserve-, Dargaud & Jaegle -Marcel Cadet-, Demptos and Radoux) in first, second and third year barrels for 12 months.
Bottled: August 2020 .
Production: 10.850 bottles authenticated and numbered by hand
Vine grower: Antonio Rodríguez / Enologist: David Garcia


This wine is of an intense cherry red colour with purplish overtones in the meniscus, an unequivocal sign of its youth. Its aroma is powerful, fruity (ripened fruits, red berries...), concentrated and mature, with balsamic hints and mineral reminiscences over a background of oak which provides light touches of toasted flavours and high-quality spices. To the palate, it is strong and meaty, providing the enjoyment of a certain complexity, while remaining pleasant, voluptuous and well-structured. The fruit and the oak in the barrels are finely integrated. Its tannins are fine and mature, and coupled with the subtle notes of spices, it is made a very fine, elegant, enduring wine with an after taste of mature concentrated fruit.


The wine is expected to undergo favorable change over the next 3-4 years. Serving temperature: 16-20 Cº.